Buffet Palace

Taken outside Buffet Palace while waiting for it to open

Already inside Buffet Palace but we’re still waiting for the clock to struck 6 pm. The foods are already placed but for so irrational reason we have to wait til 6

Pa cute muna. photo taken by Jayrex

Like a boss in NCCC Mall bowling area.

Group picture at Timezone. Planning where to kill our time before heading Buffet Palace.

Waiting in vain, I mean waiting 6 pm, already inside buffet palace

Another group picture after our failed bowling session.

Inside buffet palace. waiting…. waiting… waiting…

(L – R) Jayrex, Hazel, Gabryle, Hannah, Katherine, me 🙂

Outside buffet palace.  waiting…. waiting… waiting… (L – R) Jayrex, me, Katherine

(L – R) Hannah, me, Gabryle, Hazel & Katherine

(L – R) Jayrex, Roselyn, Hazel, Hannah, me, Arbie, Sheila, & Gabryle

With my team leader

With my closest pals in our team Katherine & Hannah

We look like enjoying rounds of bowling, truth?? nope! just for the record… lol

oh! another waiting… waiting… waiting….

With super kulit Hazel and our bitchy TL

caption you like??? waiting… waiting… waiting…

Oh! finally!( not really finally)  this was taken when I am almost done.

part 2…. ahmmmm….. many part of waiting…. waiting… waiting….

outside (L – R) Arbie, Roselyn, Sheila, Jayrex, Hazel, Gabryle, me, Hannah, & Katherine

Our TL feelin’ yummy

How’s the bowling guys… lol… nah, sarcastic…

oh, feelin’ pretty, thanks mommy Sylvette

@ NCCC Mall timezone, coz we are not allowed to videoke, we just took a pose outside, why not?

with my closest pal + 1.. :))


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