We all have that song(s) that reminds us about our high school days (the best part of our lives). You know, the one you hear on the radio or wherever and you go “omg! This remind me of being… ah… those days!” and then you begin to have flashbacks..he3

I’ve spent my high school days ( at home) with brother and cousins who loves rock, alternative, heavy metal, etc. music (or (It doesn’t matter if it’s local or international as long as it is within the rock genre.) and (at school) with super cool friends who accidentally loves rock music too.

So my choice of music are basically within that genre also.
(RnB were introduced to me later when I was in last stage of my high school days.)

Well, It doesn’t have to be Silverchair, because, although a lot of Silverchair songs do remind me a bit of my high school days as they was a big part of it, I have another songs that makes me really like go back into time.

Most of them were from the 90’s cause my high school days fall on the 90’s :))

Bullet with butterfly wings – the smashing pumpkins
Lightning Crashes – Live
Superman’s Dead – Our Lady of Peace
Jeremy – Pearl Jam
Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Big me – Foo Fighters
my name is jonas – Weezer
Tonight, tonight – the smashing pumpkins
Buddy holly – weezer
even flow – pearl jam
sex and candy – marcy playground
far behind – candlebox
father of mine – everclear
jumper – third eye blind
Selling the drama – live
shimmer –  fuel
in bloom – nirvana
semi charmed life – third eye blind
take a picture – filter
inside out – eve 6
broadway – the goo goo dolls
hey jealosy – gin bloosoms
december – collective souls
push – match box twenty
28. epic – faith no more
kryptonite – 3 doors down
Butterfly – crazy down
save tonight – eagle-eye cherry
what it’s like – everlast
stupid girl – garbage
all over you – live
santa monica – everclear
no rain – blind melon
good – better than ezra
what i got – sublime
man in the box – alice in chains
cumbersome – seven mary three
ladyfingers – luscious jackson
smells like teen spirits – nirvana
song 2 – blur
shine – collective soul
only happy when it rains – garbage
criminal – fiona apple
You oughta know – alanis morissette
burnout – greenday
32 flavors – alana davis
longview – greenday
flagpole sitta – harvey danger
celebrity skin – hole
til I hear it from you – gin blossoms
a girl like you – edwyn collins
creep – stone temple pilots
crazy life – toad the wet sprocket
sugarhigh – coyote shivers
piderweb – nodoubt
zombie – the cranberries
Mmm mmm mmm mmm – crash test dummies
the rascal king – the mighty mighty bostons
the superman’s song – crash test dummies
nitro – the offspring
blue monday – single mix – orgy
circle of friends – better than ezra
hands on the bible – local h
peaches – the president of the united states of america
stellar – incubus
water’s edge – sever mary three
fly on the windscreen – God lives underwater
hurt (quiet) – live – nine inch nails
pets – porno for pyros
smack my bitch up – prodigy
here – lucious jackson
my own worst enemy – lit
but anyway – blues traveler
just a gril – no doubt
ladykillers – lush
down – 311
lump – president of the united states of america
this mess we’re in – pj harvey
hello – poe
he devils haircut – beck
ana song (open fire) – silverchair
closer – nine inch nails
something’s always wrong – toad the wet sprocket
volcano girls – veruca salt
runaway train – soul asylum
black hole sun – soundgarden
in the meantime – spacehog
the freshmen – the verve pipe
where is my mind – pixies
sunday morning – no doubt
hey jupiter – tori amos
welcome to paradise – green day
molly (sixteen candles) – sponge
ben caught stealing – jane’s addiction
plowed – sponge
red on white – stabbing westward
hunger strike – temple of the dog
possum kingdon – the toadies
if you could only see – tonic
bad habit – the offspring
the impression that I get – the mighty mighty boston
fake plastic tree – radiohead
alright – supergrass
breathe – the prodigy
vasoline – stone temple pilots
hook – blues traveler
spoonful of sugar – the verve pipe
pure morning – placebo
plush – stone temple pilots
loser – beck
bang and blame – R.E. M
Pump it up – mudhoney
mountains song – jane’s addiction
jerry was a race car driver – primus
body movin – bestie boys
gold soundz – pavement
caught a little sneeze – tori amos
sweet dreams (are made of this = marilyn manson)
bohemian like you – dandy warhols
run-around – blues traveler

(this blog is not yet finished..will add more later…andami pa, nakalimotan ko lang..he3.. and upload music videos to top it all.. :)))


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