January 1

January 1

Celebrated New Year with family – Papa, Mama, Kuya, Che2 (Pregnant), CJ, Shaun, Anesha Cristina, John2
– They lighted the sprinkler, and made some noise
– Ate our media noche at around 12:15
– Shaun, Kuya, and John2 shot a 1 case of Red horse, I didn’t know what happen next, for I sleep after we had our media noche.
– I remember Shaun, John2 and Anesha were dancing… I tried to stop Shaun ’cause I dont like to see him dance, and remember that he was a dancer before (I hate it) but I just let them for I am so sleepy…
– The three of us slept in the couch of our living room.
– I woke up at around 6, and I eat the left over from media noche.
– I checked my Facebook (’cause that time our Globe Broadband had a 3 days unlimited browse.)
– kuya invited us to go the beach with the rest of the tambay in our place, but Shaun refuses ’cause they had a mis understanding with Bester that morning, (Shaun said that Bester get mad at him when he asked for a piece of ice from their ice box).
– we let anesha join kuya in the beach.
– at around 3 Gerard came to our house and pick up us, shaun refuses first, but gerard let him understand the sistuation and it was ok now.
– We went to bago Beach (formerly known as Gulf View beach resort) cottage # 56…
– When we arrived some of them were playing cards while the other are having a shot of red horse.
– the girls left there were Hannah Sanchez, Che2, the sister Perry and Angiely.
– Anesha already done swimming cause che let her stop since no one will gonna look for her, since CJ also did stop swimming. I let her go back to swim, it’s too early for her to stop.
– after her swimming I accompany her to the shower, and have her dress in the cottage… she played for a while, and then sleep in the sleeping bag of tam and John, and our Plant and zobie mat.
– A rain woke her up… prior to that the boys are making fun with their pictures..
– I took a picture of all the boys with Charles camera.
– in around 6, I told anesha to tell shaun, that we will gonna head home first, I am not feeling well, my stomach aches that time.
– Shaun deliver us home using Ian’s motorcycle.
– at home, anesha and I were so hungry, we ate the left overs from the last night and the biko.
– I kinda like biko that I mead, though it’s kinda “tab-ang” but I liked it (Love you own. lol)
– Not long, kuya and, che and CJ arrived. and a while later Shaun.
– Shaun said that when he went back they are oacking up ready to leave.
– shaun and I are about to have bath together, but I am too sleepy.
– I took a bath, and sleep right away.
– we still sleep in our living room. (Our electric fan is broken, and it kinda hot in our room)


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