January 2

– woke up raining..

– Shaun alarmed the cellphone 4 am (not following my instruction to alarm it at 4:30 am)

– I keep changing it cause I am still sleepy – 4:30, 5:00, 5:30

– I didn’t take a bath but rather wet my curly hair.

– Went to work at 6:07 (5 min advance clock), and just walk.

– Borrow Shaun’s grey hooded jacket (’cause it’s still raining)

– “Nakasakay nako si Eve (Also Australian account but under Ms. Derline), sister of Mae Pinili (my classmate in college)sa ila kanto”

– I arrived in the office and checked in 6:46

– They all noticed my curyl hair.

– Got confused with Terry Ganas task about FB Fahrenheit, shoud I start or not.

– Got so sleepy watching the video, went downstairs to get money to pay to lance for the milk I’ve owed him and brought nescafe..

– Allan Mae (Allan Banaez) got hesistant to greet me, cause he think I was Nile of LSM account. 🙂

– Out of boredom I have an idea to write my everyday happening and post in my blog site
(WordPress, Blogspot, and Tumblr)

– Had a lunch with Jay r and Noch, at the back of the are Arbie and Roselyn.

– My food today: P 10 bijon, and 1 rice.

– I pay my debts: P 134 worth of na na lista.

– Jay r fish tail my hair.

– Up stair, terry replied to my messages, but he never send the log url I asked to start the new task.
– sir Gab browse the picture of six eleven: street Christmas party, after he tell arbie that he will be out.

– after work we went to Jollibee Ilustre.. What I thought that Roselyn will gonna “libre” me, but she didn’t… Jhai who invited me, turned out to be the one who pays my food and just “bayad utang” for the P 90 he owed me when we went to Jollibee last year when I had my ATM back.
– Prior to that, while we were walking going to Ilustre, I wore Jhai’s eyeglasses, never thought the benefit that it brings to me, I’d just realized that his eyeglass were awesome when I tried to read a prize from far away and it’s not blurry.
– It made me realized that I need an eyeglass not just for fashion reason but for necessity. I concluded that I am a nearsighted person, I cannot see clearly object from far away.
– Going back to Jollibee, I ‘d ordered B1 which consist of 1 yum burger, french Fries regular, and a softdrink worth 63? (not sure of the prize) I’d go large for the fries and drinks by adding 20, did not reach 90 persos worth of utang of Jhai but it’s ok.
– While we are eating, sir gab notice a cute a maintenance guy.. .his really cute though.. lol
– After eating, we went separate ways, sir Gab, Roselyn and suzzy went SM, Jhai, nochelyn and Arbie went GS, and me went home.
– It took me 30 minutes to ride Bago Apalya since it was “puno-puno” and it was raining. (By the way I wore Shaun’s hooded jacket)
– When I arrived in our kanto, I’d just walked from our “kanto” to our home.(It was still raining)
– When I arrived home, Che2 and CJ are not around, papa is watching TV, Anesha was about to take her half bath, she was complaining that there’s no water and she will just gonna take her bath downstairs, I thought she will gonna have it my parents house, but no she will in our laundry area, not later on, the water is ok.
– also when I arrived Shaun is cooking fried bangus.
– the meat that he brought from banay2 he’d cooked earlier that day (siningang and not adobo as I expected.)
– after eating, I took a half bath and went to sleep on our living room.
– I made “pagalitan” Anesha because she never opened her mommy who knocks on the door, she just unlocked it and not opening it totally. Shaun embrace her.


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