January 3

– Woke up at 12 midnight ’cause I’d realize it cold, I found out that my mom electric fan is right above me… (we slept in our living room, ’cause we have electric fan in our room)
– I went back to sleep and made a couple of wake ups.
– I’d alarm Shaun’s phone at 5, I did wake up at around 4:30 by the sound of our kitchen, my mother wake up early to cook rice…
– I wake up again at 5, and boil water for my bath,
– I went off to work at 6:15 (not sure) and there’s not jeep travelling, I’d waited for like 20 mins, thinking that I’m already. and so I am right, I’d arrived in the office at 7:13.
– sir Gab is not around when I came.
– I opened my email and found 2 email from Terry.
– Jesh let me help him in saving pictures of 99 designs.com
– After Jesh, I did a video tutorial of the campaign of terry and got so sleepy.
– I bought nescafe creamy latte from Lance of team Derline.


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